An environmental activist discovered (and removed) a government issued GPS tracking device under the rear bumper of her vehicle in late Fall of 2005.

The device was located inside of the bumper, attached to the metal fender by powerful magnets. The device consisted of three parts: a large, black battery pack (about the size and shape of a maglight); a small, black box with an antenna attached; and a smaller, rounded box, which is the GPS element of the device. Red and black wires connected all three segments. There were no manufacturing labels or other identifiers on the device, except for a series of numbers: 212:590, 11085.

Inside of the battery pack were four “Saft” lithium batteries. According to their website,, Saft develops batteries used in the Defense industry. This particular type of battery- LSH –is used in “tracking and localizations.” Inside of the battery pack were the handwritten numbers: 509.

As is probably obvious, these devices track and record all movements made by the victim in his or her vehicle. Please note that removing these and similar devices has sometimes led to increased harassment.

Below is a link to an article written about similar devices found on the vehicles of Rod Coronado and roommates:

gps device