Poster: "Support the 'Green Scare' Defendants!"

The world is in a bad way—even Time and Newsweek admit that we're facing a rolling environmental catastrophe of a grand scale. The government is working on its response: locking away our friends.

In December 2005, the FBI's "Operation Backfire" led to the arrests of a half dozen environmental activists nationwide,with other arrests following soon afterwards. The arrestees were accused of arson and sabotage against government and commercial facilities involved in ecological destruction and animal torture. Several other suspects wanted by the Feds have yet to be apprehended. The government's initial case was built with the assistance of Jacob Ferguson, a notorious Eugene, Oregon junkie. Bill Rodgers, one of those arrested on December 7, died Winter Solstice while caged in Arizona, an apparent suicide. Over half a year later, several surviving arrestees have been pressured to provide dubious testimony against each other in exchange for lesser sentences. Four non-cooperating defendants now face trial in the District of Oregon, with another person facing trial in a different jurisdiction. Many of the defendants face sentences in excess of "life," for property destruction that physically hurt no living being. These defendants deserve our support.

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Radio Interview "FBI Witch-Hunt: In memory of Bill Rodgers"
From Healing the Earth Radio:
Sarah, a friend and supporter of Bill Roders, talks about the circumstances that led to his arrest and eventual death.


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