Are you now or were you ever an enviromentalist?
By Janie Goodwin
Red Pepper Magazine

In the wake of the US war on terror, nonviolent campaigners are increasingly being caught up in a Green Scare that defines them as terrorists

In the US today, terrorism has replaced communism as the catchphrase for all that is evil in the world. Where the Red Scare once saw all left-wingers stigmatised as communists, it is environmentalists and animal rights activists who are now being targeted as eco-terrorists by the media, business interests and politicians including the attorney general, Alberto Gonzales. Building on post-9/11 fears and legislation, a new Green Scare has escalated in recent months with a sudden rise in the number of environmentalists arrested and a dramatic lengthening of the potential sentences they face. Activists who have never physically harmed anyone now risk being arrested and charged with crimes that carry life sentences or, as in one case, a charge sheet that could result in a 300-year prison sentence.

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Agents of Repression Wage War on the Radical Environmental Movement
By Josh

For many of us, the arrests of December 7, began in confusion (see EF!J January-February 2006). A friend, acquaintance or ally was taken by the feds with no warning or explanation. Only when we heard that similar raids had occurred on the other side of the country, did we suspect that something truly sinister was afoot.

The next day, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a press release revealing the full extent of its raids, dubbed ?Operation Backfire.? Those arrested were: Daniel McGowan in New York City; Stanislas Meyerhoff in Charlottesville, Virginia; William Rodgers in Prescott, Arizona; Sarah Harvey in Flagstaff, Arizona; Kevin Tubbs in Springfield, Oregon; and Chelsea Gerlach and Darren Thurston in Portland, Oregon.

Except for Thurston, all were charged with crimes related to numerous ecotage actions, most claimed by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) or Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Thurston, a Canadian citizen, was charged with possession of false social security and green cards. Indicted, but not arrested, was Josephine Overaker, whose whereabouts are unknown. Seven individuals, including Thurston, Jonathan Paul and Suzanne Savoie, were subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury in Eugene, Oregon.

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Clearcutting Green Activists:
The FBI Escalates the War on Dissent
by Dr. Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella II

As corporations escalate their bloody and destructive assault on animals, biodiversity, and the Earth, so too is the FBI ratcheting up its attack on activists who defend the rights of nature. This is not a coincidence, but a strategic attempt to silence voices that speak truth to power, with the state doing the bidding of petroleum, gas, timber, dairy, cattle, and vivisection industries.

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Lessons from COINTELPRO: Building a Movement in the Face of Repression
By Claude Marks and Kelah Bott
Recent crackdowns on the animal rights and environmental justice movements have left many activists feeling that their communities are under siege. From the prosecution of the SHAC 7 to the arrests of thirteen individuals for arsons committed over a ten-year span, a war is being waged against these movements by the U.S. government.

While all of this may seem terrifying in its unfamiliarity to younger activists, the tactics being employed by the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force are anything but new. Whisperings of ‘COINTELPRO’ have appeared in various articles about the backlash against eco-activism, but what does this generation really know about the Counter-Intelligence Program aimed at groups such as the Black Panther Party (BPP) and the American Indian Movement (AIM)? Today’s activists are heirs to a history of social and political battles from wars that are not yet over. Without seeing today’s struggles for animal rights and environmental justice in a broader historical and social context, we run the risk not only of repeating painful lessons of the past, but of isolating ourselves and weakening our movements.

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The Green Scare
By Karen Pickett

On January 20th, eleven people were indicted in Oregon by a grand jury investigating acts of sabotage linked to the underground Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The actions, going back nearly a decade, include a number of arsons - with such targets as a ski resort expansion into endangered lynx habitat and a facility for rounding up wild horses for dog food. There were no injuries in any of the actions, but the FBI claims over $25 million in damage to property.

Some of those indicted had been arrested in December, including one person who died in custody in Arizona. Shock waves have been reverberating through the environmental activist community, and the situation is still unfolding. Two more people were arrested in Olympia, Washington, on February 23, and the day before, outspoken Native American and animal rights activist Rod Coronado was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, on charges sent down by a grand jury in San Diego. In addition, there is a grand jury investigating Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activities in San Francisco.

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Green is the New Red
How the Government Landed a Terrorism Conviction for Nonviolent Animal Activists
By Will Potter

In the 1940s and '50s, labeling people "Communist" could drag them before Senate hearings, place them on blacklists and ruin their lives. During the Red Scare, proof of spying for a foreign power rarely mattered. Instead, Senator Joseph McCarthy and others paralyzed an entire political movement by demonizing anyone who had any connection to the Communist Party, either ideologically or personally. The Red Scare was less about evidence than public relations.

Now, Green is the new Red.

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Green Scare 2006: Who's Scaring Who?
In the Works Press
By Melissa Roberts
It should come as no shock that the U.S. government has perfected the art of deception while simultaneously criminalizing dissent. The agenda is clear: it intends to protect those with wealth and power, and will do so by any means necessary. The past year alone has revealed a campaign which includes: warrantless wiretapping; Presidential “signing statements” contradicting laws passed by Congress; and secretive “declassification” of information with intent to harm high-level dissenters. In short, those in power whose interests revolve around short-term profits at the expense of the long-term health of the planet and the majority of its inhabitants, are not to be hindered.
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The Green Scare
New York Rat #6
On December 7th, 2005, the arrest of Daniel McGowan, an environmental and social justice activist from New York, and six others from around the country signaled the beginning of a concerted government campaign to destroy the radical earth and animal liberation movements. The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a press release shortly after, that silenced any doubt that the raids were anything but a well-coordinated campaign against activists. The DOJ dubbed the campaign, "Operation Backfire," and explicitly stated that their investigation was far from over and more arrests were to come. True enough, Operation Backfire has claimed new arrests and indictments every month since the campaign was first announced last December, with a total of 16 people now under indictment, six of whom are in prison awaiting trial. Many of these individuals are facing more than a minimum of life in prison if they are convicted on all the charges heaped upon them.
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Operation Backfire: The Feds Make a Monstrous Move
As we go to print (February '06), eleven people have been accused of carrying out a years-long spree of arsons throughout five Western states. The 65- count indictment, returned by a Federal Grand Jury in Eugene, OR, charges the eleven people of seventeen arsons in Oregon, Wyoming, Washington, California and Colorado from 1996 through 2001 with improvised incendiary devices fashioned from milk jugs, petroleum products and homemade timers, causing damage in the millions of dollars. Director Robert S. Mueller III of the FBI said one of the bureau's "highest domestic terrorism priorities" is catching and prosecuting "those who commit crime and terrorism in the name of animal rights or environmental issues." The nation-wide sweep of arrests, dubbed "Operation Backfire", has been declared by the FBI as a major hit to environmentalists and animal rights activists who engage in destruction of property as a means to defend wilderness and lives of animals. Ongoing grand juries in San Diego and San Francisco are also targeting environmentalists and animal rights defenders.
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The second issue of “The Warrior Wind” is out now w/ extensive coverage of the Green Scare
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The mid-April newsletter contents include: a lengthy article on the January arrests in Auburn, California, including an update on how those on the outside can help; a statement from Sacramento Prisoner Support concerning Ryan Lewis; an update on the Northwest “eco-crimes” prosecution, which continues to expand into other areas; news shorts on Rod Coronado and Peter Young; an analysis of the SHAC 7 conviction; eco-prisoner Jeff Luers’ call for a weekend of resistance against the so-called “green scare;” and finally information about “The Warrior Wind” newsletter project itself.

We continue to encourage participation in this publishing project, not only through making copies and circulating the newsletter, but also by offering us your feedback and writing for future issues.

As repression increases, we believe that it has become more, not less, important for radicals to raise their voices. “The Warrior Wind” newsletter is one small gesture towards broader efforts of resistance, solidarity, and refusal against a shoddy world system.

Our second issue is dedicated to the memory of Beth O’Brien (AKA “Horehound”) who died at the Eagle Creek tree-sit in Oregon four years ago.

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New zine with Extensive Coverage of the Eco-Eleven case, dedicated to the Memory of Bill Rodgers

From TWW Editors:
The Warrior Wind” Newsletter: First Issue Available Now!

The first issue of “The Warrior Wind,” a newsletter against our society of confinement, is out now. It is available as a .pdf file, to print out and distribute locally, from either of the following two locations:

The February newsletter contents include: “On the Recent Wave of Repression,” a look at the Northwest “eco-crime” cases; dispatches from eco-defense prisoner Jeff “Free” Luers; other repression and resistance news (grand juries, Auburn arrests, SHAC 7 trial, Chuk’shon Earth First! activists face sentencing, and “Belgium: Solidarity Against All Borders!”); information about the newsletter project itself; and finally a reprint of Ralph Chaplin’s poem “The Warrior Wind.”

We encourage you to make this project your own, not only through making copies and circulating the information within, but also by offering us your feedback and writing for future issues.

As repression increases, we believe that it has become more, not less, important for radicals to raise their voices. “The Warrior Wind” newsletter is one small gesture towards the sort of fight-back we desire.

Our first issue is dedicated to the memory of Bill Rodgers.

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